We work hard every day to develop the talent and competence of our employees so we can offer our costumers a Personalized Transport Service along the main roads in Mexico, optimizing the productivity and profitability of our clients and partners.

Our Ground Transport Services are:

1.- Cargo Transportation Service to any part of the country.

  • Cargo from the place of origin to the final destination.
  • Preferential price in round trips.

2.- Dedicated Service

  • We set aside and put at the customer's service the number of equipment requested according to the number of daily trips required.
  • All the daily operation is in charge of Tilmex Logistics. A monthly rate is fixed, which generates a lower cost per volume of trips
  • Ideal for high volume transfers from 5 to 200 km.

3.- Dry Van Rentals

  • As its name indicates, a monthly rental price is applied leaving the customer the total management of the operation and expenses incurred.

4.- Transportation of Personnel

  • A monthly fee is charged, ideal for transporting employees and/or executives on a daily basis.

Dedicated Service Advantages

Productivity (Lower Cost per trip)

  1. Reduces Downtime, Guarantees Delivery Windows.
  2. Milk Run, You can collect in different strategic or non-strategic points, maximizing the occupation of the Dry Van and reducing the number of trips.
  3. Box Circuit Model, you can unhook the Dry Van and take advantage of the tractor to move another Dry Van.
  4. Control Tower: Allows us to have visibility of all trucks on all routes which guarantees availability at all times.
  5. Perfect Delivery: The operators now the policies and way of working of the client, reducing the extra costs of receiving personnel outside the knowledge of the policies of the client.


  1. Reduction of CO2 emissions to the atmosphere by optimizing the transport service.

Types of Units

  • Dry Vans of 48 and 53 feet.
  • Simple and Full Modality platforms.
  • Curtailed platforms.

Competitive advantages

  • Highest Level Satellite Tracking.
  • Security, NOMS land and continuous training.
  • Personalized follow-up.
  • Emergency Auxiliary Unit.
  • Accredited operators.


  • Northeast.
  • Northwest.
  • West.
  • South East.

  • With and Without FF Services from and to the different Ports of Mexico.
  • With and Without FF Services from and to different Airports in Mexico.
  • Northern border..

  • Containers.
  • Project Cargo.
  • General Cargo.
  • LCL.